It’s the “Loaves and Fishes!”

The Cape County Cowboy Church and Fruitland Community Church cooperated with the local Cub Scouts to give away food baskets to 100 families today.  There was some angst that we might not have as many cans this year for our annual Thanksgiving Food give away, as one group of scouts that normally help were diverted to help another agency.  Were we going to lose half our can goods?  So the day began with prayer and the food started coming in.  It was counted and sorted.


It was organized by food groups.


To the cans were added potatoes, apples, hamburger, bread and a New Testament.  Bags were filled for 100 families!


Over 3200 cans/boxes were initially brought in by the Cub Scouts, and then a second Scout group we weren’t expecting from Altenburg brought 800 more cans.  We ending up receiving over 4000 cans!   Food bags have been delivered and our food pantry is full and overflowing!  It’s an answer to prayer!  The Lord truly provides!

May those who received a portion of this miracle be mindful of the One who broke the “Loaves and Fishes.”



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